Obviously, the band has no problems carrying on the glam rock crusade, but what about the music? The crushing dance beat and vocal harmonies, though out of place, have no problem appealing to their Heavy Metal audience. [Read More...]
ON THE RISE PHAROAH "Sex Glam Gloom . . . and Rock 'n' Roll!"
Next came the jewelry, make-up, eye-riveting lingerie, but, how about the hair? [Read More...]
METAL FLASHES - Meeting Of The Glam Kings
Pictured are Poison’s Bret Michaels and Rikk Fabio and Dennis Lords of Pharoah. [Read More...]
TALKING WITH: Karl DeKira of Pharoah
We look to create a mood; we really try to take people somewhere other than the rock club. Most people don’t understand what we’re trying to do the first time they see us; they can’t see past the show, but once they “get it” they start to create their own mood, their own reality at a Pharoah show. [Read More...]
FACES - Going Places
“These guys would be getting $1,500 guitars and big amps while were out getting hairspray and make-up,” [Read More...]
PHAROAH "Glam Rock's Circus of Death"
"They’ve been compared musically to the likes of "U2" and to vintage glitter 70s band - "The New York Dolls", as well as the once decadent Twisted Sister." [Read More...]
Wherein A Tough-As-Nails Audience Turns Suddenly Docile
I call it the “New York, New York (if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere) theory” and its lovely colors showed themselves to me on this night in the form of a tough, spike and leather clad, poser-ridden audience that had begun making its way to the front of the stage in anticipation of the start of Pharoah’s show. [Read More...]
NJ NEWSBEAT - Pharoah Takes Wraps Off Debut LP
The “Sex, Glam, Gloom” quartet is pushing the disc with the slogan, “Twelve inches never felt so good.” [Read More...]
The Gods of Ooze
“That’s Sick” was among the more polite things tossed their way. [Read More...]
RECORDS IN REVIEW - Pharoah Demo Tape
This is New-Martial Dance-pop. “Red Flag”, “Fight As One”, “Enemy”- The titles speaks volumes. Visions of dancing to this stuff while armed U.S. Marines stand watch come to mind. [Read More...]
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