ON THE RISE PHAROAH "Sex Glam Gloom . . . and Rock 'n' Roll!"
Next came the jewelry, make-up, eye-riveting lingerie, but, how about the hair? [Read More...]
PHAROAH "Glam Rock's Circus of Death"
"They’ve been compared musically to the likes of "U2" and to vintage glitter 70s band - "The New York Dolls", as well as the once decadent Twisted Sister." [Read More...]
Wherein A Tough-As-Nails Audience Turns Suddenly Docile
I call it the “New York, New York (if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere) theory” and its lovely colors showed themselves to me on this night in the form of a tough, spike and leather clad, poser-ridden audience that had begun making its way to the front of the stage in anticipation of the start of Pharoah’s show. [Read More...]
The Gods of Ooze
“That’s Sick” was among the more polite things tossed their way. [Read More...]
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