ON THE RISE PHAROAH "Sex Glam Gloom . . . and Rock 'n' Roll!"

The setting is ancient Egypt, where chosen royalty weren’t that difficult to spot. They were the chaps with baldheads and one flowing blond lock of hair. Naturally, when they walked down the street, heads turned, and that’s certainly not a bad reaction. So, when five New Jersey musicians decided to reach for the gold in music circles, they unashamedly borrowed a few time-tested principles, beginning with the name Pharoah. Next came the jewelry, make-up, eye-riveting lingerie, but, how about the hair? Well, sacrifice is one thing, but becoming a skinhead is quite another. So, they reached a compromise - while the length remained intact, peroxide helped pull off a neat color combination. After some eight years kicking around the metropolitan New York club scene, things are finally starting to happen and, as drummer Nelson Pop says, “We’re ready to do it. Things are continuing to look more positive by the day.” Trying to capture the essence of Pharoah on vinyl is admittedly a strong order, even by lead singer Karl Dekira’s own admission, “it takes people two or three times seeing us to realize, “Hey, there’s some good music here.” The reason is pure and simple - Pharoah’s on-stage antics leave the likes of KISS and Motley Crue in the dust, if visual impact is any criteria. For starters, the billed “Independent Circus” delivers everything but the elephants, tigers and bears, though the dancing go-go girls, Lisa and Stacy, have earned notoriety for their sultry animalistic moves. But what about the bottom line - the music? With a note of satisfaction, Karl states, “We’ve created a sound that everyone gets off on. Despite appearances, we’re totally serious about our music. Most of the time I write the lyrics and some of the music, the guys fill in the rest so that it really belongs to everyone. You can never tell when ideas are going to hit. A couple of times, the guys were busy teasing their hair, and I wrote a new song. We’ve worked it out in the back of the room, got up on the stage, and went with it.” Consistency is the norm for the past three years as Karl remarked, “We’re real solid now and know each other’s faults. With any band, there’s a whole lot of friction. It can be painful and rough, until you hook up with the right people. “As far as the record, we’re not sitting around waiting. We know it will catch up to us.”

Winnie Bonelli
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