The Gods of Ooze

Next up was Pharoah, a glam metal outfit in the tradition of Twisted Sister and Motley Crue. Pharoah got a reaction just by walking through the crowd, dressed as they were in wild makeup, teased and dyed hair and women’s clothing. “That’s Sick” was among the more polite things tossed their way. Women bunched in front of the stage as the band kicked their appropriate opener, “I’m Gonna Get You” an obvious admonishment. Any band that threatens its audience is more than halfway home in the world of rock, but these guys are more than a pose, they can play. As complete a package as you’ll find among unsigned bands. Pharoah scores high on looks, stage moves and showmanship (such touches as a scantily clad lady bringing out the guitars.) Karl DeKira’s vocals, usually what separates the men from the boys, was definitely on track as well. Pharoah will undoubtedly be signed by someone. Watch for them in your favorite underground music shop soon, or catch their video for “Red Flag” on U-68.

Associated Press
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