NJ NEWSBEAT - Pharoah Takes Wraps Off Debut LP

The men behind Pharoah can now be heard as well as seen – they’ve got a record out. Titled First Strike, the LP is available at selected record outlets in the New York Metropolitan area. It’s on Lipstick East Records, which is owned by Pharoah’s managers - who happens to be Pharoah themselves. The “Sex, Glam, Gloom”quartet is pushing the disc with the slogan, “Twelve inches never felt so good.” The band showed up at the recent New Music Seminar and had a chance to mingle with movers and shakers on major and independent labels. Besides yielding encounters with Motley Crue’s Doc McGhee, Jason Ringenberg of Jason & The Scorchers, Ian Copeland of Frontier Booking international and Deborah Harry, the band also meet an unscheduled interview with Liz Derringer of U68. Recent video appearances on video music shows throughout the New York area have made a number of eyeballs focus on the self-described “Independent Circus” No Johnny’s-come-lately here, Pharoah has spent countless hours in the studio and a like amount playing premier area clubs in the past seven years. They also picked up honorable mentions in the '84 American Songwriting Contest.

Pharoah's 'First Strike' Hits Home

Not surprisingly Pharoah’s brand of “Sex, Glam, Gloom” has been catching on in the time since they unfurled their First Strike disc. WDHA-FM and WFMU-FM have been spinning cuts from the LP, with “Terrorist, Enemy” and “Red Flag” toting up requests from listeners. A “live” interview with WSOU-FM D.J. Dave Gizzio, filled the airwaves of Seton Hall University’s broadcast outlet not long ago. First Strike has gotten its share of attention, but there are also Pharoah’s live shows to consider. Writing in these pages a few weeks back, Kimberly Neely observed, “Mouths hanging open, they (the audience) were enthralled, Pharoah had this audience in the bag before they finished their opening Number. “The quintet will return to the scene of that gig on Nov. 5th.


Paul Bubny
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