Touch Me

Hello, I’m the girl next door
Is that what you’re waiting for
Come closer you take what you see
I’ll tell ya you don’t have to wait for me

It’s pretty funny how us boys can demand
Your attention on your feet as we planned
Lick my lips, cock your head and decide
Two blondes working overtime, let’s go

Come to me, let me see, reach out and touch me

What do you think as if I really care
Just keep on talkin cause I’m not all there
Buy me a drink hon and give me your keys
The night is young and you’ll spend it with me
I touch your waist and your trembling hands
I always knew you were easy to land
My beck and call, you will do as I please
Try as you might can’t get your hooks into me, let’s go

Your eyes steel blue, to be alone with you
Don’t want to take you home so go away