Walk Away

Walk Away

I’ve been kicked so many times, I think I like it
Then the truth comes out about the one you’re with
If you weren’t playing for keeps, I could’ve loved you
When your memory fades just walk away

Walk away why don’t you walk away
Cause you still need me and I still need you just walk away

I’ve been taken by surprise I thought I knew you
You said you’re working things out oh boy ain’t life a bitch
Leaving it up to you till hell freezes over
When your memory fades just walk away

I never could come clean, you never were for real
Trust you never said those words, don’t you ever say never, just walk away
You walked out bitch, you walked on by

You looked into my eyes and said you realized that you were the only one for me
Then I take you home you said you were alone I thought you deserved it
Yeah you were the first to say that I love you and you were the first to say goodbye
Ain’t you got it tough one lover’s not enough I pity your bleeding heart
Just walk away